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A Mother's Heart (Anyaszív)

audiovisual | 8′51″ | © 2015 Akos Janca & Lili Janca

  • video | Lili Janca
  • description | sonification & artistic video animation from a cardiac CT scan material
  • realization | stereo graphical additive & analog subtractive & FM & granular sound synthesis, handmade video fragments & collage from cross-sectional still images and 3D phase-images
  • summary | The piece evokes our first sound experience, the maternal heartbeat. It simulates this monotone but ever-changing pulse which is engraved in the deepest level of human consciousness. Using exactly the same imagery as source material for sound synthesis and for visual components the result gives the illusion of live heartbeats. The temporal and dynamic fractal structure of the work is based on the golden ratio which further enhances its organic effect.
  • premiere | 21 April 2015, Liszt Academy, Budapest, HU
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